Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No one in Malaysia trust the police nowadays! They are the liscenced bandit of Malaysia and secret police for the Nazi-like BN government!

Because No one trust the "Nazi Gestapo-like" Police Diraja Malaysia!

Sexual abuse of Penan girls: Tell us, cops say

MIRI: Sarawak police have called on non-governmental organisations or human rights groups that have information about sexual abuse by timber workers against interior Penan and native girls to lodge official police reports immediately.
State Police Commissioner Datuk Mohmad Salleh said Sarawak police are prepared to launch an immediate investigation into these serious allegations.
“We need official police reports to facilitate an immediate probe. Any NGOs or natives who know of such cases should lodge a report at the nearest police station.
“If there is an official report, we can commence investigations immediately,” he said.
Mohamad said Miri police have told him they had not received any official report on the allegations, adding that he would also check with the police chief in the interior division of Baram.
Mohmad, here on a working visit, was presenting donations to widows and orphans at the Miri police headquarters when asked about allegations circulating in cyberspace concerning the sexual abuse of Penan women by timber workers in interior Baram.
The allegations were highlighted by the Bruno Manser Foundation on its website.
“Sometimes, the problem with NGOs is that they highlight complaints through their websites and the media. They don’t come to us (the police). They should come to us first,” he told a press conference here on Tuesday.
The website claimed that young Penan women in Baram had been sexually abused by timber workers in logging camps and in their settlements.
The foundation, based in Switzerland, is an environmental and human rights grouping set up by environmental activist Bruno Manser, the Swiss who made a name for himself in the 1980s when he organised huge anti-logging protests among the nomadic and semi-nomadic Penans of interior Sarawak.
He went missing in the interior of Sarawak in 2001.
A large part of Baram district, and other parts of interior Sarawak, have been alloted to private consortiums for logging and plantation development. Many of these areas are still populated by indigenous and minority groups, including the Penans.

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