Friday, October 24, 2008

Mahathir akan mati dengan mata putih terbuka......A story from the web

Mahathir, you have failed the Malays.Mahathir, you have made the Malays more dependent on the goverment.
Mahathir, you have brought the Malays self esteem and self confidence to all time low.Mahathir, you have made enemies throughtout the modern world on behalf of the Malays

Mahathir, you dislike Americans, British, Australians, Chinese, Indians and Jews and other white race people doesn't mean that the whole entire Malay race should follow suit.

Mahathir, you have self victimised the Malays, making them vulnerable to globalisation.

Mahathir, after helping the Malays for many years, the Malays are still not independent.

Mahathir, after giving so much money to the Malays, the Malays are complaining that they do not have enough.Mahathir, after giving the Malays all the gas station license, teksi license, bus license, APs and all sorts of monopoly license, the Malays are still unable to progress.
Mahathir, you have inculcate dirty political games into the Malay mindset. Khairy, Ahmad Ismail and other racist politicians are the fruit of your brainwash propaganda.Mahathir, you like to achieve numerical results without going through the genuine process.Mahathir, you have taught the Malays the short cut way to success, but they will be vulnerable when the hard times hit them.

Mahathir, you have made the Malays artificially successful by making only a few Malays artificially successful like your son, Mokhzaini, Daim, Halim Saad, Taijuddin Ramli and etc.Mahathir, you like to show the kampung Malays that Malay race is successful by doing circus trick that drain the nation's wealth such as sending a man for a vacation in the space.

Mahathir, so many Malays are unable to progress and the UMNO goverment is spending money here and there where the ecnomic benefit does not trickle down to the poor masses.
Mahathir, today the Malays are more afraid and more likely to resort to violence because they have low self confidence, low self esteem, not equiped with any skills and are ill prepared to face globalisation.

Mahathir, it is education, integrity, strong character, hard work and deligence that will determine the survival and progress of the race and the majority of the Malays are lacking in this departments.

Mahathir, you are a liar and a thief who stole millions of ringgit worth of the nation's wealth.

Mahathir, you are the root cause of the Malay problem.Mahathir, you will die with your eyes open, because you have failed the Malays.

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