Sunday, March 8, 2009

Iban in Batang Ai is cheated by this Taib Bastard and his crony dog Alfred Jabu the greedy man! Shame to them!

The people of Sarawak had suffer long enough with the development far behind their fellow citizen in West Malaysia......all are the results of the corrupted warlord, Taib the bastard Mahmmod and his cronies dogs including Alfred Jabu who enrich themselves and the family.

It is time we made them pay for causing so much suffering to the people of Sarawak in particularly the Iban and Bidayuh as well as Orang Ulu who had being cheated by them and still live in the sorry state!

The Iban "head" like James Masing and William Mawan are just another puppet who are being fed with corrupted money by Taib the bastard.

Wake up Iban.....Vote Taib and their crony out of Sarawak!

Kick their ass! For the future od the Sarawakian.

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