Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ismail Merican..Stupid DG of Health Malaysia making stupid statement in the press! Malaysia free from swine flu: Health DG

This stupid mamak Ismail Merican DG thinks that he is a superdog that can prevent virus from crossing the borders of Malaysia and causing the flu epidermic in Malaysia! Shame on him as a so claimed doctor who is now so politically motivated that he is stupid enough to claimed that Malaysia will not be affected by the flu.
Even developed country like Europe, Canada and US is taking extra precaution but this stupid Mamak Ismail Merican is making statement in New Straits Times that there is nothing for Malaysian to worry about the flu outbreak! He is indeed a frog living under the coconut shell like what the Malay proverb said! The virus can easily cross the borders as it can be carry around by asymptomatic carrier who do not even have fever then spread to those who had weak immunity like children and elderly people!

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