Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hassan Ali! Asshole Moral Police! He thought PAS got nothing better to do than preach moral among the people! He is a disgusting man!

While the whole country is trying to fight the corruption and misuse of power by the UMNO bastard....Now, this asshole moral police Hassan Ali thought he is the holiest man exist in this planet by wanting to ban alcohol in Selangor. This Hassan Ali frog (who may switch to UMNO anytime) should understand that drinking is the least of some muslims illegal which include corruption, dadah, underage sex, multiple partner sex .........and a whole long list!
He just wanna to seen as a hero in his kampung (jaguh kampung) as he had no brain and had nothing to show off and had to turn to alcohol or maybe his 1st wife become alcoholic as he married the second wife that's why he hate alcohol so much.
Pity this old asshole moral police!

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