Friday, November 27, 2009

BTN is a place where they taught that Christian and non muslim group are terrorists as well as PAS is militia! BTN shame of the country!

BTN (Biro Tatanegara) is indeed a psychological welfare by UMNO bastard to maintain their control in the country. It is more like Communism or Nazism to instil fear anad blind loyalty with these bastards who corrupted the country.

One example is to teach the civil servant to give the multimillion contract to the UMNO related companies even if they are substandard or a "ghost" company! They are warn not to allow any other company to get the contract or else they wil be "get rid of"!!

Apart of that they keep reminding the non muslim to "shut up" and be obidient in the country because thay had traded freedom for citizenship 50 years ago! This is like the holocast and genocide propaganda in the country!

Many more examples is surfacing including calling Christian group like Sidang Injil Borneo as the terrorist group!!

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