Friday, December 11, 2009

This useless Gerakan Goon Thor TG is a loud mouth but no guts to go against the UMNO bastards like Ahmad Ismail!

This Goon here only know how to talk cock since his university time in USM! He will use every opportunity to schase and seduce the women in college but is a person of no principle. This Thor Teong Gee thought he had a opportunity to become rich the last election but unfortunately he joined the wrong party before the election! If he had join the DAP, he may be a YB now but not rich! So, now he remains in the mosquito party Gerakan under Mr Yes, Koh and hope to be rich one day later!

He keep giving statement to condemn DAP now but when UMNO bastards like Ahmad Said kick the ass of his bosses...he is like deaf and dumb!

He is an opportunist ........everyone from his school time know about this!

Even Utusan the UMNO bastard newspaper praised him and you know how that happened......corruption!

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