Friday, April 23, 2010

This UMNO bastard Muhyddin Yassin is not just racist but bloody racist! No one will believe him again! Damn bastard!

Look at this two damn bloody racist and thay wanna convince the world that they are not racist!!
The more they denied.....the more they look like a bloody racist in Malaysia!
To hell with Muhyddin!

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Anonymous said...

We are fed up with all the politicians especially when come to Sibu by election,please explain to the people what happen to he money involve in port kelang scandal,and etc.. All this money if been given Sarawak ,i think all road will be tar sealed,I think BN Politicians from Sarawak should Jump to the South China sea because they commit a lot of sins against the people of Sarawak.The CM is the AlCapone of Malaysia. If this coming State election his cronies still won ,then there no other choice,let the poltical assasin shoot them all..enough is enough,,BN mean Barang Naik,Barisan Najip,Berani NIPU..