Monday, June 14, 2010

The UMNO bastard Ibrahim Ali bangsat who barks like rabies infected canine! See how Najis reacts to him!

The UMNO bastard Ibrahim Ali bangsat who now barks at almost anyone exept feloow UMNO bastards attacks Idris Jala by asking him to step down. Now, we can see how the Najis of 1 black Malaysia will reacts...........I guessmost likely by silence as he is the mastermind behind this rabies virus infected scumbag Ibrahim Ali!!

Let all Malaysia see this no balls prime minister react to this bastard's statement!!! Shame on BN!!! Shame on the puppet in cabinets.......MCA, MIC, Gerakan and most of all the Sarawak idiotic "bumiputera" where Idris Jala was born! They are still supporting the UMNO bastards despite being itimidated and screamed at........Cowards!

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