Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dirty Old Man Chua Soi Lek talk big and think his sex libido can win over the MCA Selangor!

This dirty old man Chua the pimp Soi Lek thought that he is so popular that he can win over Selangor with the help of the stupid Donald Duck Lim! Dream on sex maniac!

He thought that Najib the godfather would give his son a share of sand mining if Selangor goes back to the devils BN!

He is the sex maniac who is now money and power maniac.......


Anonymous said...

We,the Non-Chinese really do not understand the MCA mentality.How the hell,MCA could choose a sexmaniac to hold the post of President.And now his son is one of the Dpty Minister.Malaysia has lost respect of MCA,where to now MCA?

Anonymous said...

Read about Playboy Jho Low here