Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi The Taliban UMNO bastard defence minister of UMNO bastardized Malaysia!

This UMNO Taliban bastard called Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was so desperate to showed that his bastard brain can cheat the fellow Malay and muslim in Malaysia that he played up the issue of Friday mosque sermont in Penang mentioning about Lim Guan Eng. It is most likely he who instructed the people in the mosque to mentioned all this to make himself popular as he is being exposed to being the corrupted Minister of Defence in Malaysia who buy the million dollar "Gucci" shoes for the armed force!

He was also the ultra Taliban minister who said no one should questioned his ministry spending due to official secret just because he signed the receipt of an submarine which cannot dived.....KD Tun Razak the unsubmergable submarine!!!Shame on this bastard!

We should trial him for treason once the people turn against the UMNO bastard government in the next election.

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