Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The UMNO bastard government is more fanatic than the PAS ulama! They wanna to reserve the Allah for them in hell after being so corrupted!!

It is abvious that the UMNO bastard government (MIC and MCA is just the running dogs for them...not worth mentioning) is trying to reserved the word "Allah" for themselves in hell since they are so immoral and corrupted!!

The even forced the people from carrying things with the word "Allah" in Malaysia...if you happen to be a non-muslim. This is obviously an act of desperation by the few ulama bribed by UMNO ...like the Mufti of Perak (aka Hasan Ali best friend)!! ....and now aparrently the one in Johor wanna to join him too.

PAS leader also are not like them......wolves in sheep skin!

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