Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Najib aka Najis Tun Razak will try all means to win the election to cheat the people of the money! Give RM500 then get 5000 back from you after the election!

Though the bastards Ibrahim Ali, Mammak Kutty Mahathir is instructing the Najib aka Najis Tun Razak when to hold the election and to draw as much money as possible from the National Treasury and Petronaas for them to keep in their swiss account and out of that  he can give a petty cash of RM500 under the BR1M cheating scheme to fish for vote from the poor.....mind u every RM500 that he gave to the poor....RM 5000 went to his own pocket to buy expensive clothes and jeweries for his wife!

Remember...RM 500 for 5 more miserable years under BN for them is cheap.....as they can corrupt billions in 5 years and people can't do anything after the election.

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