Friday, August 29, 2008

A idiot Minister who don't even know who much a household spent on electricity!

Shahrir Abdul Samad, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs:

Don't act like a Idiot by talking nonsense, who the hell in Malaysia use only RM 20 per month unless you steal the electricity! Or rich man who don't stay in the house! The allocation for this will only fall into UMNOPutera pocket!

Before becoming the minister, he was quite smart but after that.......he is just another idiot (or in fact a smart guy) who wanna fill his own pocket!

shahrir samad 250907The government will give RM20 free electricity for poor home owners only. We are not copying the Selangor government that gives RM20 free water without considering they are poor or not. We are giving to those who do not actually use a lot of electricity, that fall in the income bracket that really needs help.

We have for those who need help that can't improve their lives in the economic position. It is the government's responsibility to increase the social safety net. That is a group that needs help and assistance and by assisting those behind the poverty line including pensioners who can't really find any other way to increase their income.

But for those who are above that line, particularly in the employed public sector, the budget is encouraging the employers to give benefits that can be claimed as a deductible expenses from their taxes. So it is a direct way for the private sector to be more productive.

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