Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How can a country be under ruling of the 2 most corrupted individual in the whole country....Pak HabisLAH and Najis!

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Abdul Razak will be asked to give statements to the Anti-Corruption Agency following a report lodged against them by an Umno man yesterday.

ACA director-general Ahmad Said Hamdan told reporters in Penang that the statements from the two top leaders would be taken soon. He did not specify when it would be done."All our investigations, which are facts-based, are carried out without fear or favour and in a transparent manner regardless of the person's status and our arrest track record speaks for itself," he said, as reported by the Star Online.Yesterday veteran Umno leader Mazlan Harun lodged the complaint against Abdullah and Najib - also the top two leaders in Umno - for alleged abuse of power.

He claimed that both Abdullah and Najib had abused government machineries to garner support among Umno members in a bid to sustain their positions in the coming party elections.The complaint was based on an open letter written by Umno Petaling Jaya Selatan division chief Zahar Hashim and addressed to the party's secretary-general, demanding that both Abdullah and Najib be disciplined for allegedly abusing their power.

Probe ongoing against Musa, Gani

The ACA director general also issued a warning to complainants about them disclosing the contents of their reports to the media.He said that such disclosure would jeopardise investigations."This is actually an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act."Action can be taken against the complainant if the report is not true or made with malice. We will not hesitate to charge the person in court," he said.Ahmad also said that investigations were underway on the report against Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail over Anwar Ibrahim's black-eye incident in 1998.Both Musa and Abdul Gani have been questioned by the agency following a complaint by Anwar that the duo had tampered with evidence 10 years' ago.Anwar was also summoned to the agency to give his statement.

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