Saturday, July 25, 2009

Malaysia had law of jungle and kangaroo judge appointed by Najis and UMNO bastards to do the dirty job! Police are the cousins of murderer MACC.

The police in Malaysia is again the scumbag (not even worthy to call dogs) of UMNO bastards just like the murderer MACC as they will selectively catch the political rival of the UMNO bastards. They are the worse enemy that the Malaysians could have as they are the most lazy useless civil servant that do not serve the interest of the public. If you get robbed by snatch thief, they will ask you not to report as they do not wanna to investigate as they only wanna to catch people who complained about UMNO bastard!

It is also a well known facts that when Altanthuya was murdered, they sent the first forensic team in to where the bones were found to clean off the evidence before the second team were sent to allege collecting evidence. These is to make sure that they covered the ass of their boss, Najis Tun Razak!

Now, they will destroy all the evidence in Teoh case and all will be covered up because there is no evidence of MACC peforming the kill. Never mind the useless loya commission or inquest which waste the tax payer money. 1 Black Malaysia!

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