Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Royal Commission a joke! " It can Look like a murder, Sound like a murder but not a murder by MACC! " 1 Black Malaysia!

So what’s the big deal on Royal commission! Remember what Lingam said in the royal commission “It sounds like me, Look like me but it is not me!” and you obviously see that he just get off the hook!

The Royal commission will not find any evidence that MACC killed the innocent people! The UMNO bastards will just throw the Royal commission report out of the 14th Floor! What a joke!

We want justice done! Not just cosmetic to cheat the rakyat!

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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with u. just another waste of time as all will be handled by BN people. whats the point. look at all the previous RCI noone penalised. dam freaking joke.