Tuesday, January 12, 2010

UMNO bastards behave just like the Nazi to eliminate Christianity in Malaysia! 1st step stop you by using Allah!

Read below and you will understand what the UMNO bastards did and will continue doing is to rob from others to enriched thenselves! Today they can ban you from using Allah, tomorrow they can force you to bow to them wherever they are like the Japanese did in World War II and still legalised it!

These are the Nazi of Malaysia!

Hibiscus: Malay-speaking Christians address God as ‘Allah' as a mark of reverence, somewhat like how one would use ‘Papa' or ‘Mama' when one addresses one's parents. The first sentence of ‘Al-Kitab', the Indonesian Bible used by Malay-speaking Christians, is as follows: "Pada mulanya Allah menciptakan langit dan bumi." (‘In the beginning, Allah created the sky and the earth.')Is there anything so disagreeable in this sentence?

How would you feel if your neighbour suddenly tells you not to call your father ‘Papa' or your mother ‘Mama' because he is using the same words, the reason being that he might get confused as to who his parents are?Surely, he could not be confused if he knows who his parents are. Neither should he feel threatened that his parents might not recognise his voice.

Instead of forbidding Christians from using the term ‘Allah', Muslim teachers should exhort Muslims to pursue goodwill with other faiths, and explain that because Muslims and Christians revere God, both use term ‘Allah'.

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