Sunday, February 21, 2010

1Malaysia = Najib minus Muhyiddin minus UMNO bastards = One man show ! To cheat the igorant Malaysians! Remember Pak Lah's slogan "kerja bersama saya"

The slogan of "1 Malaysia " is just another slogan to cheat the ignorant Malaysian in given UMNO more time to corrupt and continue their bastardization of the nation.
Remember before this when Pak Lah just become the prime minister, he also had a lot of slogan like "kerja bersama saya, bukan untuk saya" (Work with me and not for me) as well as "I had a big ear to listen to the people " and finally.....what did he accomplished? Another 5 years of corruption by the UMNO , police, anti corruption agency, judges, JPJ, Imigration, Air force, Navy........and a long list! After all Malaysian including non Malays believe him and give him a" Chance" just like what Najib is trying to court us again!

So Malaysian, if you truly wants changes throw UMNO out! It is too late to give them a betray us again after 53 years merdeka!

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