Sunday, February 14, 2010

This bastard Abdul Rauf is a bloody racist and wanna to spread violence and racism in London! Britain should ban him from enter the country!

The UMNO bastard are trying to spread violence and terrorism among the Malays even when they are studying overseas......

Rauf’s own goals — Ahmad Naim Mazlan
FEB 14 — I read with utter amusement the ‘denial’ issued by Datuk Abdul Rauf Yusoh with regards to the racist comments I reported he made at a talk in London.
Amusement because the remarks he made appeared to be not so much a denial of what I reported he said in London, as it was a self-implicating tirade.
And amusement because in his attempt at denying what I know I heard, he managed to sneak in the excuse for the ages — that my Bahasa Melayu was not good enough to understand what was said.
Nevermind that his latter remark was probably laced with some misplaced sense of superior authenticity as a Malay — after all, mana mungkin anak Melayu di tanah orang mampu fasih bahasa sendiri — the notion that I misheard what he said because of poor command of the language is quite nonsensical.
You don’t mishear because of poor command of language; you mishear because, in a manner of speaking, your ears mix up certain words in the language. Try as a might, I really cannot conceive of any way I could have misheard the sentence “Jangan biar bangsa asing pijak kepala kita”.
Well, let’s give it a shot here anyhow. Could it have been “Jangan biar gangsa asing pijak kelapa”? Or maybe “Lengan liar pusing dipijak hina”? How about the many minutes of defending the disgraced Datuk Nasir Safar?
With all due respect to Datuk Nasir (I believe he is still due some) and his perfectly good name, am I now correct to think that Datuk Rauf was talking about “pasir” or “pasar” all along?
Equally amusing was the fact that in denying that he said one offensive remark during the talk, he managed to reveal another. Datuk Rauf told The Malaysian Insider that in the session, he said “Malays must sustain power in order to gain respect from the Chinese and other races”.
Clearly, Datuk Rauf is implying that he believes the Chinese to be incapable of respect Malays as citizens, nevermind as human beings, regardless of who holds what power. If anything, Datuk Rauf just confirmed the allegations I made initially, that throughout the session, the Chinese were built up as the enemy, not the friend.
Most comical of all was Datuk Rauf’s own-goal when he suggested that racism is appropriate when spoken in private or in mono-ethnic company. When quizzed about his stand on Datuk Nasir’s comments, I quote, “If it was discussed behind a closed door session, its normal, but he said it outside... what he said was not right”.
How nice; how 1Malaysia this must sound. It seems that to Datuk Rauf, it can be normal for Malays to brand non-Malays prostitutes and beggars, and the non-Malays too can spew hatred of the Malays so long as there is no Malay in the room. It’s all good. It’s normal.
I suppose this also explains why he didn’t actually deny making racist comments in London. Datuk Rauf genuinely believes he did no wrong. In his mind, because he spoke in a closed-door session and to an all-Malay audience, whatever extremist views automatically becomes “normal”.
So instead of stating in clear terms whether or not he uttered the things I reported he did, Datuk Rauf preferred to grumble about how the contents of a closed-door ‘lecture’ should never be made public.
His substantial ego would not allow him to issue an unambiguous refutation of my accusations. Instead, it exposed him even more as the racist that he is.
Own goals galore.
* Ahmad Naim Mazlan is a first-year finance and accounting student in London. He is from Malaysia.

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