Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In Malaysia the opposition had to win big margin because the UMNO bastards and Election commission cheats the vote! See what happen in Sibu!

If the winning margin of Sibu is just a few hundreds, the election commissioon would had cheated by creating a few more thousands phantom votes to help the UMNO bastard to rule the place!
So, in order to win, all Malaysian should vote for the opposition in the next election!
Make the margin too big to prevent the contry falls into the hand of the greedy bastards who thought the country belongs to their family! Just like the late Robert Lau's family in Sibu! Shame on them!
See waht the Taib's family will do....give the Sarawak Chief Minister post to the son! Vote them out...People of Sarawak! Ka Parai nuan!

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