Sunday, May 16, 2010

A salute to the people of Sibu....despite outright corruption and vote buying in Sibu...They show a courage to change!

A salute to the people of Sibu!! I guess most people wants a change in the government of Sibu...but sadly the Ibans and Melanaus are so easilly conned by the Taibs and their cronies by merely a RM50-100 vote buying. Sad for all these natives!!!

Suprised that there is a reader in my blog defend the corrupted bastards from UMNO and PBB as well as SUPP and ....insist that most Iban, Bidayuh or even Melanau are not plain stupid!! I guess he is right but maybe they are ..... just naive easilly corrupted by RM100 for their vote!! Shame to them....they had to depends on others to defend their right!!! Even when their land are robbed and their women being raped!!!

They still wanna to be the "fixed idiot deposit" of Najis of Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

Keep writing, I love you.
WSK a real coward when recalling back his actions on tearing off the writings!
Ditch him out this coming STATE election
Work harder comrades in DAP..
We r the people for the people,
same to white ant!
Enuf is enuf!