Friday, February 17, 2012

Liow Tiong Lai is a bloody liar and corrupted health minister of Malaysia! He can sell off Malaysian in 1Care for one damn Toyota Alphard!

This useless minister of health of Malaysia who had repeatedly lied through his teeth in all issues had lied again in 1Care by trying to cheat Malaysian by saying that the crony health insurance plan is not "off the ground yet".......while the doctors and administrator in the ministry of health are so convince that UMNO will implement it any time now. He will soon change tune to say ask people to support and give it a chance like the idiotic Dr Hasan Abdul Rahman....the disgraced DG of health Malaysia!

A list of previous lies by Liow Tiong Lai to proved he is cheating.....

1. He didn't get a Alphard from a pharmaceutical company for a "flavour" done

2. He did not know that police used tear gas in Tong Shin Hospital during Bersih rally

3. He "promised" there will be no license for gain vote in Pahang


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