Tuesday, February 7, 2012

This Disgusting Director General of the Ministry Of Health Malaysia, Hasan Abdul Rahman

This is the Disgusting DG of MOH (Ministry of Health Malaysia), Hasan Abdul Rahman who openly betrayed the people of Malaysia and even the doctors and healthcare professional in his own department by being the running dog of UMNO. He is well known in his circle for being the cruel and non-friendly goon who will bully the subordinates. Even his wifes (not just one) left him because he is such a moron......and with the current 1 Care bussiness, he is hoping that he will be appointed as the CEO or at least a Director of the health care plan to gain millions of ringgits in remuneration.

He even tell the senior doctors in ministry of health to shut up in discussing the 1 Care Health Care Plan or facing displinary action personally from him!

Almost all the doctors in the ministry of health is against this bastard who sell his soul to the devils!! He ia also the culprit behind the MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) problem recently!!

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