Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ismail Merican is also another sex maniac Health DG like his previous boss and he sleep with 4 different lady each night ...."legally"

These are the 2 scums Ismail the Mamak and his well known mistress Dr Nor Shahidah of National Liver Foundation (A so call NGO set by this 2 scums to channel money from ministry of health to enrich themselves) in Malaysia who always like to have sex in the DG office in Putrajaya Percint E. Apparently he just manage to date rape a female houseman too......a few days ago while visiting Hospital Selayang!

Ismail Merican the Ministry of Health Director General is also a old sex maniac who sleep with 4 woman "legally" each night and also a womanizer just like his previous boss, Dr Chua Siok Lek!

He is well know to the medical community as the "worst" womanizer and maybe a sodomizer too as he is known to tell jokes about his abnormal sex life during round as a "liver specialist" in the hospital of Ministry of Health. Just ask any ministry of health staff and they can tell you a dozen "dirty" stories about him. And how would this man be fit to lead the Health Ministry? I wander.

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Osman said...

bro..yes u r rite, we got another blog abt his DIRTY story...bullshit..