Sunday, July 27, 2008

Iban and the native are regard as stupid and "loyal" to the UMNO all this time.

The Iban in Sarawak had always being regard as "stupid" by the UMNO and PBB because they can be easily bought over by RM50 to 100 during the election to vote for the BN government. Thay are always regards as "no guts" although they are the head hunter before. Worse than that the Iban leaders had always being fighting each other to gain their own interest and forget the whole tribe as a whole and Sarawakian in general. Thay are always laugh by the Malays in Semananjung as kolot and live on the tree even up till today!

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Anonymous said...

Not only Iban but UMNO looked down on all Sarawakian except TAIB,Johari,Tengah,Jabu,Mawan,Masing and Chan.Why ? Their job is to deliver MP seats to Federal BN. Inreturned they get ministerial post including Taib's son as Deputy Minister of Tourism.

Next move is to support Taib in an effort to install Sulaiman Taib as next CM of Sarawak. Chan,Jabu , Mawan and Masing definitely shall not raise no objections to Taib's request.

That's the main reason why he proposed merger between PBB,SPDP and PRS to form new Parti inorder to ensure smooth transistion between him and his son.

Johari will be leaking his fingers.