Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Real SodUmisist of the Malaysia........The truth is out there

Land of the rotten, home of the gullible
Dean Johns Jul 23, 08 12:09pm

Another case of sodomy? Don’t make me laugh. It’s just the latest outbreak of ‘sodUmny’ or the shafting of anyone who threatens the power, privilege and patronage of Umno and its accomplices.

Even the timing of this latest attempted perversion of justice, together with the frantic search for scientific evidence, suggests that it’s yet another frame-up.
Especially in the light of ridiculous statements like Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar’s "Anwar Ibrahim shouldn’t worry about giving his DNA sample if he was interested to seek the truth behind the sodomy allegations against him."
Surely, as the accused, Anwar knows the truth already, which is that the charges are a conspiracy to divert the public’s attention from a far more serious crime allegedly involving the initials DNA, namely Dotty, Najib and Altantuya.

Dr M's take on the matter
Strangely, considering his bitter antagonism to the Badawi regime, the supreme ‘sodUmnist’ himself, Mahathir, has done his best to lend credibility to the latest assault on Anwar’s liberty and credibility.
In his blog, he claimed that the present government is not "so stupid or unimaginative" as to trump-up sodomy allegations all over again, adding that "surely (the government) would come up with another story that would be more credible if it is deliberately plotting or conspiring against Anwar."
But anyone familiar with Anwar’s trial on sodomy charges 10 years ago will be vividly aware how stupid, unimaginative and incredible the allegations and court proceedings were, and what a ‘sodUmny’ they constituted on Malaysia’s self-image and international reputation.
That disgraceful episode has since been further compounded by the elevation of key figures in the conspiracy to positions whose incumbents are supposed to be beyond reproach or political influence.

Incredibly enough, lead investigator and carrier of the notorious stained mattress tendered as evidence in the original Anwar case, Musa Hassan, has since been promoted to inspector-general of the Royal Malaysian Police, and the chief prosecutor of the case, Abdul Gani Patail, is, equally unbelievably, now the nation’s attorney-general.
Crooks roam free
With people of such dubious character in powerful posts, it’s small wonder that Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is failing so miserably to convince an increasingly incredulous electorate of his genuine intention to enact reforms.

Under the leadership of Musa, the police are apparently helpless at tackling their own systemic corruption or Malaysia’s soaring crime rates, but incredibly efficient when it comes to ‘sodUmnising’ the rakyat with roadblocks and resultant gridlock, as in KL a couple of Mondays ago on Syed Hamid’s "intelligence" that an opposition rally was imminent.
And on the same day, they helped ‘sodUmnise’ Parliament itself, following orders by the powers-that-be to deny access to the people and the press to witness the opposition’s threatened motion of no-confidence in the government.

Malaysia’s otherwise pathetically poor police force is also mighty effective when it comes to arresting and charging opposition figures, like the Hindraf five, Anwar on the new sodomy rap and Raja Petra Kamarudin, first for sedition and now criminal defamation.
The attorney-general, for his part, apparently easily finds that such dangerous opposition figures have cases to answer, but consistently fails to convince himself that there’s ever sufficient evidence to prosecute most high-profile Barisan Nasional suspects.
So S Samy Vellu of the Maika Holdings mess and the Telekom shares scandal is still free to go about his business, AP queen Rafidah Aziz remains at liberty to live off the fat of the land and Najib Razak and his consort Rosmah haven’t been so much as mentioned, let alone called as witnesses, in the endless trial of selected suspects in the matter of the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder.

With ‘sodUmny’ being committed on this sort of scale, it’s no wonder so many Malaysians despair of their country’s future.
But I’m not so pessimistic. As desperate as Malaysia’s ‘sodUmnists’ are to cling to power, and as low as they’re capable of stooping, I think they know in their bones that they’re doomed.
My guess is that they’ll fail to stick Anwar with this latest sodomy rap. Partly because they have no intention of seeing it through to the bitter end, as it’s just a diversion from all the dirt surrounding Najib and partly because they know they wouldn’t survive the public backlash like they did last time around.
Sexual orientation not relevant
And I believe that, having survived the sodomy charges, Anwar will eventually lead Pakatan Rakyat in the final electoral defeat of the ‘sodUmnists’.
Of course he may well, as my old friend Ktemoc never tires of telling us, be tainted by his previous high-level involvement in the Mahathir regime, and is also too devious to be trusted. But he’s still currenly Malaysia’s best if not only hope.
He may also actually be a sodomist. Not that I or anyone else I know believes he is, or could care less either way. Peoples’ sexual orientations have no bearing whatever on their fitness to hold political office, or any other position of responsibility.
As everybody knows, Australia’s first Malaysian-born federal government minister, Senator Penny Wong, happens to be lesbian. And the leader of Australia’s Greens Party, Bob Brown, is avowedly homosexual, as is one of Australia’s most eminent and widely-admired jurists, Justice Michael Kirby.
Not all male homosexuals practice sodomy, of course, whatever the sexually-uninformed may believe. But in any case, it’s nobody’s business but their own. And I’d rather my country was run by an honest and public-spirited sodomist, or even an entire coalition and cabinet of sodomists, than by a bunch of homophobic hicks, crooks and serial ‘sodUmnists’.

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